Tips on How To Exercise Your Dog in Winter

Tips on How To Exercise Your Dog in Winter

Letting dogs barrel through snow can also serve as a good form of outside exercise.

While some breeds such as malamutes and Bernese mountain dogs are built for the cold, other dogs might need winter gear, such as coats, sweaters or booties, which help protect paws from the cold, ice melt and salt. Small dogs and dogs with short coats, in particular, can benefit from extra layers.

Some experts say that when the temperature dips to 10 degrees or lower, prolonged outdoor activity could be life-threatening for dogs. Others think anything below freezing is too cold.

That means winter is a good time to work on teaching tricks indoors. Owners need to choreograph a routine to music, teaching dogs to strut, spin and weave around them.

And tricks don’t have to be so complicated, according to an experienced dog equipment expert. It only needs to be something new. Play dead and shake work.

Playtime activities can include toys, obstacle courses or a game of hide-and-seek. Dog owners can also put their pup’s meals in activity toys or feeder toys so dogs have to work to eat.

In the winter months, hit the treadmill. In order for you to have a balanced dog, you have to challenge him mentally and physically with exercise, discipline and affection. If these needs are not being met, your dog could develop behavioral problems.